Home Cinema Systems

The large screen and enveloping sound of a home cinema turn a dull Friday night into movie night. Home theatre is more than a television and some speakers. With our experience and knowledge, we can simplify the most complex of requests, so your new system will perform exactly as you want it to do. CSVI will work with you to design, specify and build your system that is a perfect match for your requirements.

”Imagine watching a movie in your own home with picture and sound to rival the very best cinema”.

A CSVI installation can be designed to suit the surroundings and either look like a modern cinema room or be discreetly hidden away. From the very best in LED TV technology to large projector systems, we can advise, supply and install your ideal home cinema system.

What We Provide

  • Advice on equipment and best location for speakers/equipment
  • Installation of new or existing equipment
  • Offer a bespoke Home Cinema to suit your room surroundings, discreet speakers and discreet projector screens
  • Supply equipment from leading manufacturers; Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer, Monitor Audio + More
  • Supply all cabling, speaker brackets and stands
  • Hide cables
  • Calibrate sound to work best in its surroundings
  • Simplify and Explain the features
  • Remove boxes and clear any mess leaving you to enjoy your new Home Cinema
A true Home Cinema system from the likes of Yamaha and Monitor Audio can cost as little as £849


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TV Wall Mounting

CSVI offers a professional TV Wall Mounting Service. There are many different options for mounting your TV, whether it is a flat, tilting or cantilever bracket that you need, we will work with you to get the best solution to suit your individual needs.

A TV can be a very heavy object and needs to be mounted safely and securely to prevent any damage to your equipment and to your home. Depending on the surface which the TV is to be mounted we will supply the correct bracket that is required.

“Flat screen technology has now made the TV in the corner a thing of the past! You can now place your TV anywhere you choose. All the electronic equipment can now be hidden away keeping your living space clutter free”.

We will also advise on any cabling requirement and will talk through the options of how to conceal the cables for a professional, neat and inconspicuous installation. Wherever it is possible we always aim to offer a solution which involves the absolute least disturbance to your current décor.

What We Provide

  • Wall mounting of new or existing TV
  • We can offer advice on best TV location
  • Supply wall Bracket and all cabling
  • Hide cables
  • Configure TV ‘Smart Services / Inputs’
  • Simplify and Explain the TV features
  • Remove boxes and clear any mess leaving you to enjoy your new TV
TV wall mounting can cost from as little as £59.

Interested in Home Cinema or TV Wall Mounting at Your Home?

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