Wireless Networks

The Internet has become an integral part of everyday modern life. CSVI is experienced in specifying the correct Wi-Fi solution for your home or business premises, enabling you to get the best wi-fi coverage throughout your property or premises. CSVI can bring a robust and reliable network by using hi-gain wireless access points and hard wired connection points for the fastest connection available to you.

“The home network is now the backbone of your whole entertainment and control system. A reliable and secure network is as important to your home as reliable plumbing”.

With the advances in wi-fi technology there should be no need to struggle to get good signal, or experience slow download speeds in the far reaches of your homes or premises (providing of course that your internet service providers’ speed is sufficient to allow this).

To help achieve this, we can supply premium grade access points to the inside of your home, your garden or even remote locations within your property, using Point to Point technology.

As 4K or Ultra HD video services emerge, your home network becomes more important. The future of 4K video delivery will be the internet, so your network needs the best bandwidth and best management to make sure you get the quality you need.

What We Provide

  • Advise on good, better and best routers and access points
  • Explain the jargon surrounding Wi-Fi
  • Advise on best locations for maximum wireless coverage
  • Equipment supplied from leading manufacturers, such as Draytek, Asus, Netgear, and more
  • Give your home network a health check and work with existing equipment if necessary and cost effective

A standard router supplied by your ISP ‘internet service provider’ is built to a budget. Typically they will be comfortable with only eight devices connected at once, any more and they struggle. In today’s world most average homes have ten plus devices at least connected at once, the TVs, the sky box, smart phones, tablets etc etc. It’s not hard to overload your standard router causing it to lock up and reset itself, this in turn causes problems when it comes to internet speed. So the solution is to upgrade the foundation of your network, the router to a more significant unit that will handle at least twenty times the devices of a basic router.

A Hi-Gain N600 5Ghz Wireless Router can start from as little as £89, this can handle up to 160 wireless devices


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Wired Networks

CSVI provides workable solutions for all aspects of Data Networking. Whether you require a few new Data Points or a whole new network infrastructure, CSVI can help you with this. We have the expertise to install a new network or simply upgrade a existing network.

“Wireless networks are convenient, but for true reliability and security, wired networks are preferred. A wired infrastructure also makes it easy to upgrade your system as products and services change”.

Our professional grade systems will keep you connected throughout your home or business, and your equipment supplied with the fastest connection available via your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

What We Provide

  • Advise on the infrastructure of your network or desired network
  • Equipment supplied from market leaders such as Draytek, Asus, Netgear, and more
  • Install data cabinets and switches
  • Re-locate BT master sockets to a preferred location
  • Check current cabling and re-configure if need be
A hard wired Cat6 network can cost from as little as £49 per room (when building, first fix wiring, minimum 4 rooms)

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