Smart Home

Smart home or home auto­mation systems make your life easier by simplifying tasks and making your home systems work together. From entertainment, to lighting to heating to a networked security system, a home automation system can make nearly anything work better and allow you to enjoy your home to the fullest. Control systems bring together the various systems in your home and make them simple and intuitive to control, hiding electronic equipment from view and reducing the number of disparate wall plates that you have on your wall.

“Smart Homes are those controlled from one easy to use interface, whether it’s a touchscreen, remote control, keypad, or even your smartphone your home suddenly becomes more comfortable, convenient and secure”.

What We Provide

  • Advice on the design and specification
  • Automation of lights and shades
  • Automation of environmental controls such as heating and cooling
  • Automated gate entry
  • Network CCTV
  • iPad/iPod/tablet/smart phone control programming
  • Simplify and explain features and benefits
Lighting automation can cost from as little as £59 per room (single light fitting)


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Centralised 4K Ultra High-Definition Content

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have all of your music, movies, TV programmes and photos stored and organised in one place? And then to be able to access that content in any room of your house through a simple to use system? Well, that’s what CSVI specialise in providing for our clients.

Custom installed whole house systems can take all of your audio/visual sources from a central location, such as a media rack in the utility room, and distribute it in up to 4K ultra high-definition all over your home, even outside. Audio Video distribution systems make for tidier, more attractive living spaces. By centralising all of your A/V equipment we can make sure that your home keeps looking like a home and not like an electrical superstore.

“Have you ever recorded a TV programme on Sky in the Lounge and wanted to watch it back in another room? With a CSVI distributed media system, you can do this; simply and in glorious high-definition”.

We will also advise on any cabling requirement and will talk through the options of how to conceal the cables for a professional, neat and inconspicuous installation. Wherever it is possible we always aim to offer a solution which involves the absolute least disturbance to your current décor.

What We Provide

  • Distribute all your Video content from one location (normally done when building or renovating)
  • Advise on which distribution system suits your needs
  • Supply equipment from market leaders such as Wyrestorm, CYP, HD Anywhere, Triax
  • Control programming
  • Install and supply AV cabinets

A multi room 4K UHD video system will provide instant simple to use access to multiple Sky Q boxes, Android TV, Games Consoles, CCTV and Blu-Ray libraries allowing you to watch any source in any room in up to 4K Ultra High Definition to ensure your TV screen display’s the best quality picture it is capable of.

An intelligent easy to use remote control in each room will then make selecting what you would like to watch incredibly simple via the press of a button, our system will make the necessary changes and your selected Sky box or CCTV etc. will instantly appear on the TV screen ready for you to choose which channel you want to watch.

True multi video 4K UHD distribution systems start from around £249 per room (more cost effective options are available)

Interested in Smart Home Automation or Sharing HD Content?

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